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Zira condemn Dalung ’s verbal attack on Sunday Dare

October 15 2021

The recent verbal attack on the honourable minister of youth and sports, Chief Sunday Dare

by a former minister of sports, Solomon Dalung has been condemned by Emmanuel Zira.

Solomon Dalung was captured in a television show pouring invectives on Chief Sunday Dare.

Emmanuel Zira a respected sports administrator says it is quite unfortunate that such attack is coming from a former minister.

"I have spoken to him and I think he should change his style of bearing his mind"

Zira categorically stated that Chief Sunday Dare is one of the best sports minister ever and so he shouldn't be maligned publicly for no reason.

"I can tell you for free Akin, I worked with Dalung and Dare too, it pains me when I read awful things written against Sunday Dare and most of these things are not true".

Zira stated further that there should be mutual respect between Solomon Danlong and Sunday Dare since both of them are serving same government.

"I don't subscribe to people going against constituted authorities, respect should be mutual and I think it is time to mediate" Zira concluded.

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