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Young & Senior Citizens of Benue State Salutes Emmanuel Akpakwu’s Track Record

July, 4 2023.

..Advocates for National Assignment...

Consul of the Republic of Philippines, Emmanuel Akpakwu MFR is the subject of adulation from both young and senior citizens of Benue state, as well as prosocial organizations in the state.

Akpakwu’s adulation is over what has been described as his unbridled passion, severally displayed through his enthusiasm towards philanthropism and human capital development, especially for youths.

Young and senior citizens of Benue state trooped out in mass in the penultimate week of June, when Akpakwu and a host of dignitaries led by the Governor of Benue state, Rev. Fr. Dr. Hyacinth Alia, performed the groundbreaking ceremony for one of Akpakwu’s numerous social projects, Ergo SmartCity Homes. During and after the event, Benue citizens lauded Emmanuel Akpakwu MFR transformational achievements, philanthropism and several schemes which he has put up for the good fortunes of the people.

A resident, Ocholi Edoh stated “Emmanuel Akpakwu has really displayed how huge his heart is. He never stops supporting the young and even the old. We have seen many young people get scholarships, job opportunities, and even medical bills paid. We thank God for this man..”

Another citizen of the state, Ocheme Chris said “Hon. Akpakwu is a blessing to us. There are communities that needed roads and he single-handedly constructed it for them. Even power projects, he has sponsored them for communities to have power supply”.

Samuel Aondonaa, said “Akpakwu touches every part of our state, without segregating. Especially in giving jobs to the youth and sending them on scholarship. Now he has brought this new housing project and definitely it will benefit the people and bring development to the region. We’re praying that President Bola Tinubu will even give him a bigger assignment because when a man has performed this way in his individual capacity, it means if he has a bigger platform he will do even better. This is our wish”.

As Nigeria continues its march towards greatness via the Renewed Hope mantra of President Bola Tinubu, the clamor for a national assignment has dominated discussions in Makurdi in recent times.

Benjamin Akoh, head of Coalition for a Greater Benue stated that “the capacity Emmanuel Akpakwu MFR has shown means he is just a perfect fit for an office such as the Minister for Youth and Sports Development, because of his demonstratable achievements in that field. We need round pegs in round holes, to move our nation forward and he is one of such people.”

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