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Why There Is Need For Health Workers Games- Dr Uche Ojinmah

February, 16 20

Why There Is Need For Health Workers Games. Dr Uche Ojinmah.

Aftermath a fruitful Nigerian Medical Doctors games recently held in Abuja. The chairman of the NMA sports committee, Dr Uche Ojinmah aka the game master. While speaking to www. stressed that there are needs for a proper Health Workers Games to enhance further unity amongst medical personnels.

The games master while describing the reasons for the biennial sports program for doctors was for them to always keep fit as they always advice patients to do so while they are not practicing what they preach.

"The aim for the this games is to keep fit and make friends. We doctors are always serious and our schedules always tedious. So we decided to use this forum to mingle. We are like isolated profession, most times doctors are doctors friend. We need to make friends with other people to bring stability.

Secondly we are earning to push forward to see how Nigerians we accept the need for us to create a health Workers Games. So that doctors, nurses and all other medical personnels can all have a place where they could meet, instead of fighting over salaries, lets fight over football and other sports, that is the way we see it and hoping that somebody some where will buy into this idea and I think it will bring peace into the health sector.

So we try to advocate and explain to the ministers and dignitaries the need to establish health Workers Games. Going forward I think we could actually put a position paper which we will send to the ministry of health as well as ministry of youths and sports development to look into it. The Nigerian Medical Doctors association games comes biennially. The next game is in 2024 which will be held in the south for us to know ourselves more". He concluded.

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