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Who is Tijani Latifat?

August 26 2021

Latifat Tijani is a Nigerian athlete who actually was born in Ogun state, her drive to succeed as a sport personnel started from her youth age that saw her running as a kid before she finally chose a specialty in the sporting arena.

She is a 39 years old (born 8 November 1981), Nigeria Para-Powerlifter who doubles as a Hairdresser.

She had Gold medal in Brazzaville Africa games 2015, got a Silver medal at Rio de Janeiro Brazil Olympics games 2016 and now at Tokyo 2020, a Gold medal

Latifat Tijani became the first Gold medalist for Nigeria as far as Tokyo2020 is concerned, both the Olympics that just finished where we had two medals respectively Brume and obururudu. History and records has it that she is the first Gold medalist for overall team Nigeria in Tokyo 2020.

By Oluwayemisi Adeyanju

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