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Who is Emmanuel Akpakwu? A National Asset

June, 10 2023.

Like the proverbial postulation goes, a golden fish has no hiding place, because it is a only a matter of time before its shine and spark attracts all and sundry. The same can be said about Emmanuel Akpakwu, whose prolific intelligence, charming works and administrative wisdom have placed him at the zenith of his league.

Akpakwu was named amongst a list of thoroughbred Nigerians who got national decorations for outstanding contributions in their sphere of influence. He was named for decoration as a Member of the Order of the Federal Republic (MFR), a national Honour bestowed meritoriously on him, which rightfully cemented his status as an undeniable asset of national pride, to the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Benue state native has used his position as an envoy to promote the interests of Nigeria in the international community, with an undying commitment to the Nigerian project. In the international space, he stands as the Consul of the Republic of Philippines to the Nigerian consulate, and has several represented Nigeria in relationships with the organizations based in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Spain, etc.

Standing with his hope of a better Nigeria, Akpakwu has unrelentlessly stood as a youth advocate, supporting young Nigerians in varying ways.

He has facilitated exchange programs for the youths, national and international scholarships, employment opportunities, and many others.

His decoration as a Member of the Order of the Federal Republic comes as little surprise to millions of Nigerians who testify to his free spirit. It’s only an attestation to his place as an invaluable national asset.

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