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Victor Boniface out for 3 Months, to Undergo Surgery Following Adductor Injury

January, 9 2024.

Talented Super Eagles striker, Victor Boniface has been confirmed to have sustained a muscle-tendon injury in the right adductor area during a training session in Nigeria's camp in Dubai. As a result, Boniface will undergo surgery in the forthcoming days to address the injury and begin his road to recovery, Bayer Leverkusen has confirmed.

The injury occurred during a training session as the team was preparing for upcoming AFCON starting this weekend. Medical assessments revealed the extent of the injury, necessitating surgical intervention to ensure the player's optimal recovery and long-term fitness.

According to team physicians and specialists overseeing Boniface's condition, the surgery is anticipated to take place promptly, with a projected timeline for recovery extending until early April. This period will involve comprehensive rehabilitation and personalized care to facilitate a safe and successful return to play.

Coach and team officials have expressed their full support for Victor Boniface during this challenging period, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing his health and well-being above all else. They remain optimistic about his recovery and eagerly anticipate his return to the field at full strength.

Victor Boniface expressed his disappointment over the injury, as he revealed his heart is broken over missing the AFCON a few days before kick off , just as he did with the U-20 some years ago.

The Nigerian Football Federation has extended an invitation to Terem Moffi as a replacement for the 22 year old.

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