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January, 15 2023.

The Federal Ministry of Sports and Youth Development has received complaints about the Medal table at the recently concluded 21st National Sports Festival. After an initial review was done, the Ministry has decided to take a further step.of setting up an independent Committee to immediately do a further review.

This process is normal in situations such as this, in order to ascertain whatever the challenges were with the Festival Medal table computation. It is also normal to have them resolved even after the Festival.

Towards the resolution of the matter, the Ministry hereby announces a Committee made up of experts who had managed the Technical arm of previous Festivals in the past:

1.Mrs. Hauwa-Kulu

2.Madaki Elias Gora

3.Brig. Gen. Emmanuel Okaro (Chairman)

4.Lekan Alabi, the Statistician of the Ministry will be part of the Committee, as Secretary, while a representative of the Delta State.Sports Commission will serve as Member.

The Committee is expected among other things to:

1. Determine what went wrong with the Medal table computation from the stand point of knowledge and experience of previous festivals

2. Establish the exact and correct Medal table by ridding the table of any double entries and inaccuracies and make recommendations to guide against future occurrence.

The Committee has 7 days to complete its assignment.

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