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There Is Nothing Special About The Group, If You Want To Win A Tournament, Be Ready To Beat The Best

December, 23 2022.

Flying Eagles coach, Ladan Bosso was in a very relaxed mood today Friday when called to get his opinion on the AFCON U20 World Cup group pairings released today 23rd December, 2022.

"To me, the group is a normal group. Every team that qualifies for the U20 Africa Cup of Nations is hopeful of qualifying for the World Cup.

“So, whether we are in a tough group or not, if you want to qualify for the World Cup, you must play against the important teams at the African Cup of Nations.

“We will take it step by step. We won’t put any country first, we must respect every country in our group and we'll work towards it. Our priority is to qualify the team for the World Cup and eventually if we can, win the tournament.

“This team is not Bosso's team, it's Nigeria team. So, I want everyone to pray for the team now that the draws have been made.

“Lastly, we'll do everything possible to improve the tempo of the players so that we can give a worthy representation. I know the caliber of players we have already, and I believe they can do it", the head coach of U20 team concluded.

Flying Eagles of Nigeria were grouped alongside host nation Egypt, Senegal and Mozambique in the draw released today.

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