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The Synchronization Of Sports With Education Is The Ultimate Formula For Developing Sports- Minister

April, 1 2022.

Maltina School Games, An Exemplar of Grassroot Sports Development.

"No nation, and you can check the data, can attain sporting greatness without the marriage and synchronization of Sports with Education. You go to Canada, you go to America and other developed countries, it is a solid marriage, but also that must be wielded into a robust programme of grassroots Sports development".

With these words, the Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare commended Malt drink leader, Maltina for organising the Maltina School Games. He spoke at the finale of the 5th edition of the Games that featured Secondary School students across the country.

The Minister affirmed that Maltina is assisting the nation with grassroots sports development, insisting that any nation that departs from grassroot sports development imperils the future of sports development. Going down memory lane, Dare revealed that countries that lost steam in track and field events, and even in Football, relegated grassroot Sports Development.

"The Maltina School Games reminds this country to pay attention, to be deliberate in investing in school sports. To the young ones out there, when you hear the story of Mary Onyali, Sunday Bada, Steven Keshi, Chilmark Ajunwa, Falilat Ogunkoya amongst others, that story is related to not just School Sports but these were grassroot talents that were nurtured from obscurity to international recognition. So for those that are opportuned to benefit from the Maltina School Sports, it is important that you take a cue and hone your skills", the Minister buttressed.

Dare charged the young athletes to stay focused, stating that most exceptional sportsmen are extremely brilliant, emphasising that Education is meant to complement their talents and make them better. "Sports teaches you versatility, commitment, discipline, focus and the thirst to be the best, the same attributes are needed to excel in Education ", the Minister affirmed.

The Minister expressed appreciation to Maltina for taking the initiative, saying it is showing the way for other corporate organisations to buy into the philosophy of Sports as business. He reiterated that the student athletes represents the future of sports in the country as they are poised to take over from retiring athletes. He emphasised that Nigeria must bring back school sports which is why the Ministry is bringing back the Principal's Cup this year, with 2,750 secondary schools participating across the country, after the pilot phase last year that had about 350 schools, competing.

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