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Ten Days Countdown To 2023 Lagos Access Marathon

January, 25 2023.

With just ten (10) days to go to the 8th edition

of the Access Bank Lagos City Marathon, the thrills, frills and ecstasy inherent in the race which has grown in leaps and bounds, has become palpable for all to see.

The enhanced status of the marathon, as a World Athletics Gold-Label rated road race is also dominating all other conversations and has for a while now, trended on the various outlets and Social media platforms, in and outside of Nigeria.

Top athletes from across the world have also caught the frenzy and can barely wait for the Lagos Access Marathon Race, that will be full of so many talking points in terms of new things to happen.

The 2023 marathon, which encapsulates the 10km Road Race, promises to top the chat in diverse ways; and that includes the discovery of new set of runners justling for places in the elite class, and above all, the innovations and ambiance put forward by the race organizers, Nilayo Sports Management Limited, supporters of the race, security appurtenances, medics, and the sporting media. Together, these critical stakeholders, working as a United team, hope to deliver a 8th edition race that will be worthy of note. reports.

The 2023 Access Lagos City Marathon, produced a surprise winner, in person of Geleta Ulfata of Ethiopia and considering the enhanced pedigree of race lately, with no fewer than 76 elite runners from across the world expected to race here; it is increasenly too tight, to predict the winner this time and some ardent followers of the race have been highly polarized in their permutations on who becomes the hero and heroin of the 8th edition of the Access Bank Lagos City Marathon in 10 days time.

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