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SUNDAY DARE@56: A Quintessential Leader Reaches Another Milestone!

May, 29 2022.

As the saying goes, "not all heroes wear capes". Some don't need to adorn royal ropes before they impart their world. The man, Sunday Dare epitomizes this maxim.

On this day, I join the seraphic and human voices to wish you a happy birth anniversary, as you clock 56 years on earth.

It's a rare privilege to work under your tutelage, boss. I can't exactly find the words to describe your indefatigable commitment, hardwork and energy to your assignments.

You are a symbol of change, working on your very clear mandate for the Ministry of Youth and Sports Development. As you add another year today, the world would stop, look back and give you a pat of the back, as a flag bearer of excellence.

Honourable Sunday Dare, it is a special day, because you're born in it. With your configuration for excellence, you have been a boss, a mentor, and a model while putting up a huge track record, of which posterity positively adjuge.

You have changed the narrative in the Youth and Sports Development sector and you have written your name in gold letters.

I feel privileged to work under an extraordinary being like you, as your media assistant.

Happy birthday, boss!

Cheers to long life!

Cheers to more power to your elbow!

Cheers to greater upliftment!

Signed: Kola Daniel

Media Assistant to the Honourable Minister, Youth and Sports Development.

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