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Sports Minister Charges NAPHER-SD to Play Leading Role in Promoting Fitness and Health Education

October, 25 2023.

Says physical fitness and health education are integral components of a thriving and prosperous nation

The Honourable Minister of Sports Development, Senator John Enoh has charged the National Association for Physical and Health Education, Recreation and Dance (NAPHER-SD) to play a more leading role in promoting fitness and health education across the country.

The Minister gave the charge during the courtesy visit of NAPHER-SD, led by its president, Professor Florence Bola Adeyanju, He emphasized the crucial role that NAPHER-SD can play in advancing the nation's fitness and health awareness. He stated that physical fitness and health education are integral components of a thriving and prosperous society.

"When we look at the sports sector, one element that we have continually missed is the fitness component," the Minister said. "It is an aspect that we ignore. it incorporates the generality of people into the sports ecosystem."

"The World Health Organization some years ago focused on the benefits of fitness and physical activity in its guide to all nations. Its benefits to healthy living are enormous. One of the tasks of NAPHER-SD is to come out with advocacy towards physical activity, and ideas on regulating the sector."

Senator Enoh underscored the need for NAPHER-SD to work in collaboration with the Ministry of Sports Development to develop programs and initiatives that will encourage physical activity, raise awareness about the importance of fitness, and disseminate valuable health education information to all segments of society.

He highlighted thus "a healthy nation is a productive nation, and by enhancing fitness and health education, we can contribute to the overall well-being of the citizens. Through effective collaboration between the Ministry and NAPHER-SD, they can jointly design initiatives that target both the youth and adults to cultivate a culture of physical fitness and health consciousness."

He applauded NAPHER-SD for their longstanding commitment to physical education, sports, and related activities. He recognized the association's expertise in this domain and its potential to be a driving force behind improving the fitness and health status of the nation.

At the meeting, the president of NAPHER-SD, Prof. Adeyanju stated that the association is strongly committed to promoting holistic human development for individuals to lead better lives. She added that the association pledges its utmost professional support and cooperation to the current administration's drive to develop sports in the country.

The Ministry of Sports Development and NAPHER-SD will work in partnership to drive towards a healthier, more active nation, with the potential to drive positive changes in the lives of millions of Nigerians.


The Media Office of the Honourable Minister of Sports Development.

October 25, 2023.

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