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Sports Group Calls for Emmanuel Akpakwu’s Ministerial Nomination

July, 7 2023.

Coalition for the Development of Sports in Nigeria, Benue State Chapter has thrown its support behind Emmanuel Akpakwu MFR, calling for his nomination for a ministerial position in President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s Cabinet.

In a press statement signed by Leo Aondona, the group stated that Emmanuel Akpakwu’s long standing history of philanthropism, community development, entrepreneurial spirit, sports development, youth advocacy and human capital development warrants for a higher calling.

The statement read “At a time that Nigeria yearns to take its next giant steps, the country needs its best brains to be involved in its transformation and Emmanuel Akpakwu represents one of the best in Benue. At this critical times, we must pay attention to trajectory, capabilities, administrative astuteness and competence, before bestowing positions on individuals based on demonstrated trajectory, Akpakwu embodies a prefect fit for a ministerial nomination”

“Besides rightfully earning his robes as a honorary diplomat, he has ingeniously invested in the lives of Benue State citizens through his ownership and investment in a sports club, employs labour through his multiple companies, oversees an education trust fund that sponsors young people to school, investment in community infrastructures, as well as creating business opportunities for a thriving economy, with the latest been an investment in smart homes in Benue state in June.”

The group called on the Government of Benue state, led by Rev. Fr. Dr. Hyacinth Alia, and high ranking citizens of Benue state, including SGF, Senator George Akume to look at nominating Emmanuel Akpakwu as a ministerial appointee from Benue State.

“We trust that the Government of Benue State and high ranking sons and daughters of our dear state will only be focused on ensuring our best brains rise to the top echelons of leadership. Individuals like Emmanuel Akpakwu MFR, is a worthy son, who also represents the future, being a young man with vision, experience and a track record of prosocial leadership. We support his appointment and we know that this is also the voice of majority, well meaning stakeholders of Benue State.

Due to his exceptional achievements, Emmanuel Akpakwu was named by ex President Muhammadu Buhari as one amongst imminent Nigerians to be bestowed with national honours (member of the Order of the Federal Republic).

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