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September 5: WORLD CKD DAY: Celebrating God's Grace!

September, 5 2022.

Hurray, every 5th day of September is World CKD Day!

On this date (5 September), Cute Kola Daniel, popularly called CKD was born.

CKD is an erudite, versatile, international, energetic, a prolific, hard-working, highly exposed and experienced ivy-league youthful personality.

The CEO of CKD Media ( is a seasoned and award winning sports journalist, a mentor, a teacher, passion-personified personality.

Kola Daniel (FCAI) is a Senior member of the Institute of Corporate Administration (ICA), an award conferred on him in December 2021, for his distinguished professional contributions to public administration.

He has made the world brighter for so many footballers, journalists and folks across other sectors, local and international. You are a gift of sunshine, endowed to humanity by divinity, with so much grace.

The Media Aide to the Honourable Minister of Youth and Sports Development, is a template and prototype of competence, commitment, dedication, intelligence and excellence, not only in the world of sports, but also, in other facets of life.

As you celebrate another new year, we join the world to pray for more feats and greater heights, Happy Birthdate Celebration,

Live Long and Prosper, in sound health and more wealth.

Greater fulfillment and accomplishments for you, more of God's grace in your life and family.

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