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September, 4 2021

A magnificent night it was for Sadiq Umar, where he actually shone like a million stars in the 2- nil win victory over Malaga.

The former U-23 striker, right from the commencement of the proceedings made his presence felt, as he keep tormenting the defence line of the visitor.

His efforts later paid off as at 51 minutes of the play, when he got the first goal for his side. who was on ground to monitor the game, noted that Sadiq Umar no doubt actually proved that he has the potential to score goals. No thanks to the cross bar and the goalkeeper that denied Sadiq on three occasions

It was 6 minutes after Sadiq's goal that Juan Brandariz got the second goal for Almeria, as the match ended 2 - nil in favor of Almeria.

With this result, Almeria now has 9 points in four matches where they won 3 and lost 1. As at the time of filling this report, Almeria is second on the log.

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