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Sadiq Umar Scores Goal Number 5 in 7 Matches

September, 24 2021.

Can Sadiq Umar stop scoring goals? The answer is NO . Sadiq Umar has succeeded to have scored in the last 3 matches consecutively for his club Almeria

Sadiq Umar Scored the second goal for his team, after receiving a lofty pass, and wasted no time, as his strike found the back of the net. The match ended 3-1 in favour of Almeria against Tenerife.

With the result, Almeria are now topping the table at the moment with 15 points.

The Kaduna born striker seems to be a player to watch out for again in the ongoing season.

Last season, Sadiq Umar scored 20 league goals, in the second tier league, he has continued in the same manner, just 7 matches, he has succeeded to have scored 5 goals.

What a striker, what a poacher, what a goal getter is this former AS Roma striker.

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