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January, 20 2022.

By Coach Kakwi.

Many football loving Nigerians would not completely agree on this especially judging him from his last couple of games.

What's does box-striker mean in football?

Meaning box-to-box striker hardworking who equally attacks and defends when loses ball.

However, there are strikers who moves across large areas on the pitch, helps out in midfield and creates spaces for other by moving out of the area in front of the penalty area, which then can be used by a teammate.

Systematically, this role does not come with major defensive responsibilities, so in practice there is no such thing defining specification in roles.

Technicaly, strikers don’t need to be particularly skillful with the ball and use some fancy footwork to dribble past 2–3 defenders, they simply leave that to the creative midfielders and the wingers in their team.

Positionally, he remains in and around the 18 yard box waiting to latch onto a through ball or a long ball and blast it past the goalkeeper.

Sadiq Umar is a striker lethal in the 18 yard box

Positively, he finds a way of redeeming himself in edgy contest.its no fluke that he has scored over 40 goals in 3 seasons( Partizan/Almeria) and argually remains nigerias most consistent striker in the 3years.

Significantly, in tight and cagy contests he would be handy to chop in his unique quota to win and decide matches. He brings something different to tactical structures.

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