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Reasons Why FG Withdrew Basketball From International Competitions

May, 14 2022.

1. Five years of endless Leadership Crisis.

2.Court suspend national basketball league for 3 years plus because of leadership tussle.

3. Sponsors abandoned basketball including 12 years sponsor of domestic Female basketball, Zenith bank.

4. Youthful local talents wasting away for years because of a functional league.

5. All players drawn entirely from the USA and overseas.

6. Nigeria banned from participating in Basketball league Africa BLA because of leadership disagreements.

6. Seven meetings and a national reconciliation committee set up by FG, yet 2 factions produced 2 presidents.

7. The Ministry and Federal Government misrepresented many times to FIBA by elements from the factions. Government was threatened with a ban for interference.

8. Off the time clock Ministry made direct and indirect efforts to many stakeholders to no avail.

FIBA rejected Government invitations to visit Nigeria and step into the Basket ball crisis.

9. Boycott almost all the members of the Men basketball team signed a petition that they will no longer play for Nigeria unless an individual was removed as President NBBF. About half of the female basketball players also served notice of unwillingness to play for Nigeria again due to the leadership crisis.

10. Issue of outstanding allowances and debts needed time to be sorted as it also became a constant matter.

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