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Promise David The Young Striker Burning With Zeal

July, 23 2022.

Born striker, Promise David who recently signed a two (2) year deal with Siren FC in the Maltese premier league has expressed satisfaction with the welcoming attitude in his new found club. Promise spoke exclusively with Ckdmedia about his new teammates and his hope to break new grounds.

“They welcomed me with open arms. Spoke with the President of the club about what we aim for, this season.

“We have a good squad, talents and I believe our aspirations are reachable with hard work. It’s a tough league with lots of physicality play but with determination, I was able to thrive and we shall continue that this year”.

When asked if he is willing to play for his Fatherland (Nigeria) if invited to the National team, he expressed readiness.

“I will jump at the chance”.

Promise David is a calculative striker, and a predator in front of goal. This has obviously helped him in making waves in his club side.

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