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Owed Salaries: Tears in Makurdi as Rev. Fr. Alia’s New Govt. Continues Unholy Act with Lobi Stars

July, 29 2023.

Players and staff of Lobi Stars Football Club of Makurdi are enduring a hard time, with the new government yet to pay the club since it came onboard.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, an official said players are struggling to find their motivation as the situation at the club has left them in displeasure.

“The players are really struggling to pump themselves up in preparation for the new season, going three months without salary,” an official said.

“We all know they have families to take care of, as they are breadwinners for their homes. It has left us in a very difficult situation and we are still hoping the new government in the state will do something soon.”

“This was part of what affected the team in the Super Six, because as important gladiators, you need the welfare of players taken care of, so they can concentrate and be motivated for the job ahead of them.”

Hopes are that this ugly tide will change for the club, as Rev. Fr. Hyacinth Alia steers the affairs of the state, for Lobi Stars to adequately prepare for the new season.

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