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Ottasolo Announce Resumption Date

February, 2 2023.

The management of Ottasolo International FC under the leadership of the chairman, Otunba Gabriel Davies has announced the team's resumption date during a board meeting in Lagos on Thursday.

The resumption date for the new season has been set for Sunday 5th February, 2023, while training commences the next day, Monday 6th February 2023.

The resumption date was announced by the chairman during the board meeting in Lagos on Thursday. According to the proprietor of the team, Otunba Gabriel Davies;

"I am glad to announce to you and the general public that our team(Ottasolo FC) will resume on Sunday and training will start on Monday.

"We have sent notification to the retained players and some invited players. They are to arrive the camp on Sunday and training will commence immediately on Monday".

The Chairman also revealed to the public that, the team have terminated its affliation with Lagos State FA and decided to pitch tent with Ogun State FA. Arrangement have been concluded to make Gateway Stadium in Ilaro, Ogun State the team's new home ground.

"Yes, we have terminated our affliation with Lagos State FA due to some circumstances beyond our control. Arrangements have been concluded to affliate our team to Ogun State FA and make Gateway Stadium, Ilaro our new home ground for the season".

Coach Abidemi Seyi will be in charge of the team pending the time a new technical adviser will be appointed.

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