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No Christmas Holiday For NPFL Players, As League Resumes 28th Of December

December, 16 2022.

Finally, the Nigerian Professional Football League will commence 28th of December, 2022.

According to one of the newly inaugurated IMC members, “the league will kickstart 28th of this month, all modalities have been put in place to ensure the league commences that day. We held a meeting two days ago and we agreed on the date.

“We are done with club licencing, done with respective stadia where each team will be playing after the inspection of these stadia. The decision has been taking for some of the stadia to be used, and stadia to be used are television friendly, to ensure that any match can be televised at the commencement of the season".

The source concluded by saying, "it's going to be a different ball game in this new season as the law guilding the league will be interpreted at every given time, as stated in the provisions of IMC”.

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