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Nigerian Football Players Have Lost The Touch

August, 26 2022.

Before we criticize stakeholders let’s be conscious of the players too, because bad football in Nigeria is beyond the stakeholders. The poisonous venom has eaten deep into the players.

Why are some football players most talked about? I know skills matter but they actually love the trade. Most people would like to play football or at least have their kids play because it's lucrative. Football is good business. I have discovered that in anything you do, if the number one reason of being in that profession is because of money, then you can’t be excellently good. Money is good but money shouldn’t be the main drive. Players that have actually made a big name for themselves in the world of football really loves playing, not for the glamour that comes with it. They don’t lose form because they follow the rules of the game. I have seen players that got injured and the next line of action is partying, simply because the club is still paying. No mental work on themselves that would help them come out of that injury speedily.

Sometimes, before we criticize and crucify football officials, let’s check if the players are playing with zeal and determination. I remember when I was young, whenever Nigeria is playing everybody will leave whatever they are doing. Even to eat at that time is like a taboo, because we see the determination of the players and we love the game. It’s like they are fighting World War 3. Indeed, it was a beauty to behold.

History will never forget some players that have put in their sweat, blood and time. Players like; late Rashidi Yekini, Kanu Nwankwo, Ronaldinho, Taribo West, late Diego Maradona, Thierry Henry and many others. I miss those times and players.

I hope Nigerian players will find a Role Model in these heroes past and do some personal cleansing.

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