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Nigeria U23 Striker Promise David Hits Brace in 2-0 Victory Against Kalev

June, 21 2024.

Nigerian forward Promise David showcased his goal-scoring prowess once again, netting twice in Nõmme Kalju's 2-0 triumph over JK Kalev. Playing 72 minutes, David was instrumental in securing the win, with goals in both halves.

In the first half, David scored following an assist from Alex Matthias Tamm. His second goal came in the early minutes of the second half, initiated by a well-delivered corner kick from Nikita Ivanov.

"I would have liked to score three! But I was a bit tired and the coaches had to take me out," David admitted at "It's completely understandable, because in those 20 minutes someone else could be more useful than me. To do what I couldn't do anymore. But hell, I haven't scored a hat trick here yet."

Despite the win, David emphasized the challenge posed by Kalev. "It wasn't really an easy win. Kalev is a strong team. But we were a bit tired, they were tired - we've both had two games in four days - and it was hot too. It all showed. We collapsed a bit in the second half, some players got really tired. Then the others came on. Fortunately, whoever comes from the shift, we saw it in the result," said the Kalju striker. "Niki came on very well. It was suddenly the third goal pass for me from him. The first was also from a corner kick, if I remember correctly."

David praised his partnership with Tamm, highlighting their strong understanding on the field. "It's really great! We've been training and playing together for over a year. He knows me really well because I have this pretty distinct style of play. And I know him because we either play next to each other or he's behind me depending on our formation.

Looking at how much we support each other, score goals and passes, I think we make the best duo in the league. I don't want to sound arrogant, but I think it's really true."

While David appreciates the recognition, he prefers to stay out of the spotlight. "No-no, what me! I don't like this title. If I were the king, it would mean that everyone would be watching me. This kind of attention is not really good," he explained. "If everyone is watching me, Tamm can score, and if it's not the case, he'll fumble by himself."

David also responded to Henri Perg's comments about his training performance with humor. "Of course I also score goals in training," he laughed.

"But training is the place where we can do everything that we can't do in the game. So yes, sometimes I try non-standard things. But Henri, I score him a lot of goals. I don't know what he's up to."

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