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NFF And Rohr Saga Continues

December, 11 2021.

By Wale Ajayi.

All I see at this point is desperation. Rohr wants to stay and enjoy all the privileges. The truth is, NFF does not care about what comes out of the Nations cup. We all know we can't win it, so why pay Rohr so much when you can use that to nail him?

He signed a deal that says he must play the final of AFCON. How will you play the final of AFCON with Ekong and Balogun in Central defence?

Rohr will be molested In Cameroon, but he should ask questions. These men can be your friend today but tomorrow they can be your worst enemy.

They will do anything to be at the World cup and if Rohr or anyone wants to be a clog in that wheel, they will crush him.

All those that reported that Rohr is gone didn't lie or cook up stories at any point, With NFF you never can be too sure. Rohr was indeed sacked and Rohr himself knew he was sacked. The meeting to sack Rohr took place at Room 305 and that is Seyi Akinwunmi's room.

The problem was that NFF thought Rohr will accept their conditions and they will be able to meet his conditions too. They were confident that both parties will meet at the middle and end it amicably but Rohr is complicating matters.

These men have come to a point where they want to play it dirty. They wanted a gentleman’s agreement with the German, but himself and Tunde Adelakun have shown that they are desperate and wants to die on the job.

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