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NBBF: The Ministry is properly Guided and will not be blackmailed

October, 8 2021.

The allegations against the Ministry of sponsoring thugs to disrupt NBBF Congress on Saturday is cheap blackmail and most disingenuous. Ordinarily, the Ministry would have paid them no attention However, it is important to confront these peddlers of lies and rumors who rather than work out a compromise seek the jungle.

The Ministry is not surprised about the unrelenting attempts by some groups to draw the Ministry into the NBBF matter because the Ministry has refused to use their playbook.

Let’s be clear. The Ministry is properly guided and wlll not be deterred. The power to effect any changes lies with the Congresses of National Sports Federations. The position of the Ministry has been unvarnished. As a critical Stakeholder in ensuring all Federations are run properly according to the Constitution and Code of Governance, the Ministry has had two meetings with different factions of the Basketball family. The stakeholders meeting was the last of such chaired by the Minister in Abuja.

The Ministry is watching very closely developments around NBBF and will act decisively if the need ever arises.


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