National Youth Games closes as Minister Announces 3-step Age authentication for Athletes

October 20 2021

During the closing ceremony of the National Youth Games, the Honourable Minister of Youth and Sports Development Mr. Sunday Dare had frowned against all forms of age cheat during the competition.

"I also need to condemn and express my disappointment about the ugly problems of age cheating that reared its head at these games. We will ensure that we adopt more scientific and digital means of identifying age cheats next time and mete out stiff penalties to the offending athletes and States." The Minister said

Therefore, Efforts to stop age cheat in youth competition has been intensified by the Honourable Minister with logical conclusion ahead of the next National Youth Games which are:

NIMC registration is now a requirement going forward.

There will be a need for all athletes to have NIMC registration before they can participate henceforth.

As the database will now require one to input their national identity number before the athlete can be registered successfully.

This measure is needed to avoid losing out on a possible potential medalist being screened out as over aged while they are not.

This will in turn, prevent the over aged athletes to be easily identified and screened out in other not to deny qualified athletes a future in their chosen sports.

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