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Moses Simon Grace Unity Cup Finals In Makurdi

November, 27 2022.

The Unity Cup organized by Super Eagles player in Benue State finally ended yesterday the 26th November, 2022, with the Super Eagles player in attendance to watch Epoch finals of the first edition.

According to the Benue indigene, "it is going to be a yearly event. I'm excited with what I have watched in the finals, so many raw talents and with time they will go places.

"Actually, it's a competition to promote the youths in about five Local Government areas. The first time I came to see the First Lady, we discussed and I saw some talents from the female team, which we spoke at length about, when I got back I just felt it's the right time for me to organise a competition, to see some young talents which I think I can promote their career.

"Ofcourse, they are raw talents, but they have to be refurbished, because they need encouragement and motivation. When you don't have before and now have, it's a different level. Then, I didn't have and there was nobody to sponsor a competition like this, but now, I don't have much but ofcourse the little I have I just need to appreciate and spend it on the youths and I believe the youths will be happy about it.

"Benue is my home town, I have never done anything here before and this is my second time of being in Benue. I'm here to help the youth, likewise Kaduna State.

"Yes, there are arrangements for scouts to spot players, some players have been spotted and about 20 players now. That is the main reason I came here to see the players myself. To know if they're actually really good", the FC Nante player concluded.

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