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More Applause for Sunday Dare, Who's Rated One of the Most Outstanding Ministers of Buhari Era

June, 23 2023.

_His Portfolio was Relied on by the Administration, for Credibility and Proof of Performance_

Like the old saying goes, 'a golden fish has no hiding place', this assertion is aptly so, for the immediate past minister of Sports and Youth Development in Nigeria, Chief Sunday Akin Dare.

This verdict was passed by an Ibadan-based legal luminary, Dr. Akin Onigbinde (SAN), has described Chief Dare as "one of the most outstanding Ministers of the President Muhammadu Buhari era".

The Principal Partner at Dr. Akin Onigbinde & Co. heaped this tons of praises on Chief Dare, while laying emphasis on the imperative need for communities to treasure and promote their champions and achievers.

Dr. Onigbinde while observing that Ogbomoso has always had a fair share of talents and outstanding performers in every sphere of human endeavours, who have demonstrated verifiable commitment to the peace, progress and development of their homeland and its people, by following their careers with character, reputation and integrity, said Chief Dare has done exceedingly well, and deserves a place of honour in the sands of time.

Dr. Onigbinde who holds the title, Bamoofin of Ogbomosoland posited, "in our recent experiences, we have had sons and daughters from Ogbomosoland that have excelled and done us proud by the outstanding performances they have put up in public life and assignments, Sunday Dare just rotated out of the Federal Executive Council, as one of the most outstanding Ministers of the era, whose Portfolio is one of the very few that the administration relied on, for credibility and proof of performance..."

Chief Sunday Dare bowed out of office on May 29, 2023 as a minister. His giant strides and legacies left behind as Minister of Sports and Youth Development; and his outstanding recorded of achievements, sterling performance, and unprecedented policies, initiatives and reforms have been described by many as huge and compelling.

Dr. Onigbinde listed the 75 Billion Naira Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF); Digital, Trainings on Digital, Agroprecessing, renewable energy, Green Stimulus, Technical, Mobile Device, E-commerce and Cyber security skills for Nigerian youths; DEEL, National Youth Conference, Commonwealth Youth Summit African Region, NYSC allowance increased from 19,000 to 33, 000; Federal Employment opportunities, Commonwealth Youth Council Headquarters; Work Experience Programme; App Challenge, Skill Database Bilateral Agreements with seven countries on youth development; National Sports Policy, Sports as Business; relief for the past heroes of Nigerian Sports; Adopt-an-Athlete, Adopt-a-Pitch, winning highest number of medals at the CWGs, among other initiatives".

MThese monumental feat as a minister, Dr. Onigbinde added have surely earned Chief Dare, who holds the title, 'Agbaakin of Ogbomosoland' accolades from key stakeholders and nay sayers who doubted him at first, awards and recognitions both in Nigeria and the diaspora, and he is still being celebrated by families, friends, and associates, even till date.

At present, Chief Dare is in Bengaluru on the invitation of the Indian government, where as an advocate of youths empowerment, he will be participating in a Youth-20 consultative forum.

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