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March, 19 2022.

By Austin Tyowua.

Lobi Stars Football Club has recently come under serious criticism from fans, football enthusiasts, foes and friends. some critics did out of love for the club while others did for unsavory reasons, others from point of knowledge whether adequate or inadequate, others from point of ignorance. From which ever stand point the criticisms were coming from, the reality at our hands is that, the club is not turning out impressive results and that was responsible for the attacks.

No quantum of defence, no matter how good they may be can be accepted by fans in performing sports, as well as no criticism no matter how flawed they may be can be thrown away in such situations where the club is not doing well.

From the reality of the foregoing, the management of the club make bold to take responsibilities for the turbulence been experienced by the club and assure fans that, their complaints, cries, worries and criticisms have been heard by the government of the state and management of the club and far reaching decisions and actions have been taken to reposition the club for better results.

The actions ranges from the the dissolution of the coaching crew, the termination of contract of 9 non indigenous players who were rated to have under-performed and also going into the transfer market with the support of government to shop for better replacements ongoing. The management of the club has also received the approval of the government to weed out all redundant players and staff of the club no matter who is behind any of them. The Club is also considering hiring an experienced coach should Eugene Agagbe failed to show capacity in his interim status.

The Club Vice Chairman Mr Emmanuel Tama Aondofar appeal to fans and well wishers of the club to exercise more patience while the management will do everything within its reach and capacity to improve the fortunes of the club.

Lobi Stars are in Awka in Anambra state, the new adopted home of Rangers International for the last game of the first round of NPFL 2021/2022. Though, there is a new spirit in the team, we appeal to fans to remain calm irrespective of the outcome of the game from the Eugene Agagbe led coaching crew in tomorrow's match but put themselves together to support the club out of the turbulence.

Lobi Stars will certainly come back in the second round stronger, better and smoking.

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