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Kun Khalifat FC Signs Partnership Deal With Göztepe FC, Set to Take NLO By Storm

April, 11 2023.

In a bid to ensure that it is promoted to the Nigeria National League (NNL) at the end of the season, Owerri-based Nationwide League One (NLO) side, Kun Khalifat FC, has taken far reaching measures.

The main team which at present competes in the nation's third tier football league (NLO), recently signed a deal with Göztepe FC of Turkey, which will see the foreign partners help with the technical support to facilitate the growth of the team, and make them a worthy professional outfit.

Kun Khalifat FC which at present competes in the Amateur ranks, also has developmental youth set-up, comprising of Under-10, 15 and 17, as it is working round the clock to ensure that it gets it right in terms of professionalism.

At present, the team's ethics and reputation is hinged on their knack for free flowing purposeful good football artistry, with which the main team intends to import to the NNL next season, if promoted.

Owned by former Nigerian international,

Amaefula Michael Chukwudi who was on the pay roll of Göztepe FC before he left for proverbial Golden Fleece. Kun Khalifat FC prioritizes the welfare of its players and staff, knowing that this is key for any football franchise to attaining success at both short and long term.

Only 2 days ago, the Chief Executive Officer, Chukwudi gave a resounding assurance that Kun Khalifat FC of Owerri is in top shape for the upcoming Nationwide League One season billed to kickoff on April 26, 2023.

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