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Kun Khalifat FC Protest Double Registration Of Player

May, 29 2023.

The CEO of Kun Khalifat has written to protest the double registration of the Nationwide League One (NLO).

The CEO of Kun Khalifat Academy is protesting the double registration of Dynamite Force FC of Benin player who once played for Junosa FC of Akwa ibom, while in Dynamite Force FC he bears Chidera Michael, and in the Junosa fc he bears Obinna.

According to the owner of Kun Khalifat FC; “We have the video and pictorial evidences of this double registration, and I’m calling on the NFF and NLO to look into this issue”.

The protest letter dated 28th May 2023, signed by the secretary states that, the player was the captain of Junosa FC in the Season League and he played for Dynamite Force FC in their playoff promotion match against Kun Khalifat FC, where they defeated Kun Khalifat by a lone goal, As against the rules and regulations guiding the league.

The letter is calling on concerned authorities to look into the matter and bring right all wrongs.

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