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Kalli clarifies further on eligibility criteria for match commissioners

February, 18 2022.

Chairman of the NFF Match Commissioners Appointment Committee, Alhaji Babagana Kalli has expatiated on the eligibility criteria rolled out by the committee for individuals and stakeholders desirous of serving as match commissioners in the Nigeria football space.


Speaking in Abuja on Friday, Kalli said the application and enforcement of the criteria will be in stages, starting with the outright delisting of all retired referees from the ensemble.


“We will start by delisting all retired referees, after which we will organize a seminar, very soon, for all those remaining on the list. Anyone who is above the age of 60 (not 65 as earlier reported) or below the age of 30 should not bother turning up at the seminar. Identification at the seminar will be by means of international passport, national identity card or driver’s license.


“After this stage, we will move to the criterion of computer literacy. Anyone who cannot use the computer fairly well has no business serving as a match commissioner. Once that is done with, we will now start to assess the reports submitted by each match commissioner to ascertain their suitability for the role. This will last till the end of the current football season.


“The truth is that on match day, the entire game management prior to kick-off, is in the hands of the match commissioner. Our objective is that all match commissioners must be active, vibrant, capable and competent.”

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