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“Infrastructure and Facilities are Key Components for Our Athletes’ Success” - Sports Minister

August, 27 2023.

Minister of Sports Development Senator John Owan Enoh has stated that his administration will prioritize infrastructure and facilities development, as they are key for Nigeria to achieve success in sports.

Enoh made the statement known to his media team in Abuja, capping off his first week in office.

“Facilities and infrastructures are a key component of sports, as they are variables that drive both elite performance and grassroots development", Enoh said.

The minister described the Abuja stadium as a national monument that can stand toe to toe with contemporaries across Africa, when completely turned around.

“It is very important that we get it right with our facilities. We must maintain the current infrastructures that we have, and look towards making them better to match what we have across the world.”

The minister said that he will assess the state of other facilities and infrastructure across the country and ensure they are elevated as needed.

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