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IMC Proposes Abridged League

December, 21 2022.

The Interim Management Committee (IMC) will propose to club owners today for an abridged league.

According to our source, "it's pertinent for us to get it right once and for all. We are going to propose abridged league to the club owners today, knowing fully well that we are behind schedule. We want to start 28th of this month in an abridged format and we are going to have two groups, 10 in each group and the essence of doing this, is to meet up with the calendar across the globe.

“We need to take this precautions now, so that we'll not find ourselves in situations where we would send representatives to CAF before the end of the league. We don’t want to send any bad signal to football lovers in the country. We know we can't end the league if we have to run a marathon league, and that's the reason we are proposing an abridged league.

“Rumours reaching us is that 16 NPFL Clubs don't support the abridged league, while 4 are in support. We are going to be at the round table to finalise and take decisions. The decision must be for the interest of the league, and not the interest of anyone", the source concluded.

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