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I Will Wait For My Time: Akpeyi Urges Nigerians to believe in the team

January, 21 2022.

When we talk about a player with pedigree and calmness, we’re talking about no other person but Daniel Akpeyi. The calm keeper who plies his trade for Kazier Chiefs said he is not pressured or under threat that he is not playing but rather satisfied, with whoever that man's the post.

He equally thanked Nigerians and supporters for the love shown to them so far, urging them not to relent with their support as they will keep doing their best.

"I am not under any certain pressure. I am working hard and waiting for any opportunity. So far, both of them had done well. I was at the last AFCON where i kept and now I am here, someone else is there keeping. I am actually happy that both of them are playing at the moment.

“So far so good, we are taking the game one at a time. The fans have been massively supportive. We still believe that the fans will still be backing the team, not only the team but every individual in the team that has made the team proud.

“My message is to let them keep supporting us. We believe in you, as we hope to use football to bring more peace to the nation”, he concluded.

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