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I have worked under 10 coaches in NPFL: Ifeanyi Anaemena

September, 6 2021

Ifeanyi Anaemena in an exclusive interview with had expressed his joy in the opportunity he had in moving to Saudi Arabia.

“I have to say that I feel great, I thank God for the great opportunity that I didn’t expect but I thank God for it. I thank everyone that has given me support and encouraged me, my supporters, my fans and everything that has happened so far in the NPFL, all I just have to say is thank God for this opportunity “.

While revealing his expectations for his next club, he mentioned that

His expectation is high and he thinks this is a stepping stone for him in leaving the shores of Nigeria for Saudi Arabia. According to Ifeanyi, he has contributed his quota in the NPFL and having played so many seasons now, he always wished to leave the shores of Nigeria for a greater and greener pasture and this opportunity came forth for him while hoping to have a good season for 2021/2022, so that hopefully good platforms and better endorsements could come forth for him.

He further said,

“It has been my dream to play outside the shores of Nigeria so that I’ll get a better offer and this opportunity came now and I have to thank God for it. I have to grab it with two hands and move on. It has not been easy in the NPFL as we know how the ups and down things happening in the league. It’s a great opportunity for any NPFL player to see opportunity outside the shores of Nigeria. The person will always grap it with two hands because we need to move, it has not been easy. It’s only the players that knows whatever they were seeing in the NPFL but then we thank God and we hope that things get better”.

Ifeanyi further said that,

“I think that a lot of people are on it in the Nigerian league and the NPFL. First of all, I’ll miss my team Enyimba. Enyimba gave me a good platform, a good note and I have a tribute, an emotional one to write to them and I’ll miss my teammates in Enyimba. Secondly, I’ll miss Rivers United because they have also created a platform for me to showcase myself, that led to this contract that I have now and I have to thank the coaches that I’ve worked with in the NPFL. Almost about 10 to 12 coaches I’ve worked under, I can mention names but you know I have worked under a lot of coaches so I have to thank them for the encouragement. I missed them and I’m going to miss my teammates in Rivers United, the Management, the officials and also I’m going to write to Rivers United a good tribute for what they’ve done for me. So, I just have to say thank you to the coaches, Coach Nduka, Coach Eguma ,everyone of them that contributed towards my career, I just have to say thank you to them."

"I thank everybody for all they’ve done for me. I actually have to miss a lot of people, I missed Enyimba, I missed Rivers United. It’s not going to be easy but I have to pick up and I must thank you all”, He concluded.

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