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I am here to give back to society - Ex Nigerian Striker Matins Ebuka Says

April, 4 2024.

Swedish league veteran and Nigerian national, Matins Ebuka, has stated that his return to Nigeria is with a mission to contribute to societal development and nurture budding talent within the football sector. Ebuka made this declaration during an exclusive interview with on Wednesday, in Abuja.

Having garnered experience in his career and mentoring players like Alexander Isak, Ebuka brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his homeland. Notably, he highlighted his completion of the UEFA coaching course and attainment of B.U.

certification, alongside being recognized as a Football Methodologist, a distinction shared by renowned figures like Mikel Arteta and Pep Guardiola. Remarkably, Ebuka proudly claimed the title of the first African Football Methodologist in Spain, underlining his commitment to advancing football methodology within the continent.

In his own words, Ebuka expressed his desire to utilize his multifaceted skills to serve his community: "I call myself a consultant, a talent developer, and a methodologist developer. These credentials enable me to identify players, enhance their skills, and facilitate their transitions within the football industry."

Ebuka's decision to return home stems from a deep-rooted aspiration to give back to society, particularly to disadvantaged youth who may not have envisioned a path to success. He drew parallels to the biblical narrative of Moses returning to Egypt to deliver his people, emphasizing the importance of leveraging personal experiences to uplift others.

Recognizing the untapped potential within Nigeria's football landscape, Ebuka underscored the need for proper structure and methodology tailored to the African context. He asserted, "We have everything in this country; we just need the right people and structure, with an African perspective, to understand and harness our capabilities."

In a nod to cultural relevance, Ebuka emphasized the importance of Africanizing his coaching license to ensure accessibility and understanding among his fellow Nigerians. He reiterated his commitment to democratizing football knowledge and methodologies for the benefit of all.

Matins Ebuka's illustrious career spans not only playing the game but also administering and developing it. As he embarks on this new chapter, he solidifies his position as a consultant and authority in the field, poised to make significant contributions to football development and societal advancement in Nigeria.

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