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HURRAY CKD is a Year Older

September, 5 2022.

It is about that time of the year to celebrate an Icon, a hero, mentor, and above career builder.

Kola Daniel Adeyanju is the Chief Executive Officer of one of Nigeria and Africa’s foremost Media Brand, CKD Media will be celebrating his birthday in the most grandeur manner.

I wish to begin this piece by emphasizing that Kola Daniel is a great professional and a great leader who has managed to gain my trust and respect in the journalism profession, he also has a good human relationship with all the people working under him.

Kola, who Mark's his birthday every September 5th, personifies many great qualities and he's rightly pointed them out by himself on the occasion of his latest birthday celebration.

I am very grateful because working with you as my boss has helped me and a lot of lads out there to gain experience and develop professionally.

CKD as he's fondly called is fierce, he is simple, he is crazy, he does whatsoever it takes to make it through one more day, he is not a sinner or saint, he is a man, he is a warrior with the soul of a survivor and a heart that is in search of peace and love.

Kola Daniel is fearless, he is original, he is independent, he remembered who he was and the game changed!

Following his tremendous professional contribution to the development of public administration, Kola Daniel (FCAI) was conferred with the award of Senior Member of the Institute of Corporate Administration (ICA) December 2021.

Kola is the very essence of compassion, of duty, of style, of beauty. All over the world he is a symbol of selfless humanity. All over the world, a standard bearer for the rights of the truly downtrodden, a Yoruba man who transcended nationality. Someone with a natural nobility who is classless and who has proved in the last year that he needed no royal title to continue to generate his particular brand of magic.

Those qualities I mentioned and many more make you a great leader. But this time I do not want to remark your excellent job performance, but rather I want to wish you all the best on this special day.

I know the people around esteem you a lot and will make you have a very nice day. May all your dreams be fulfilled and may you accomplish all the goals you have outlined in your life, congratulations on your birthday.

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