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GTI Paid Referees Indemnity Directly To Their Accounts- IMC Chairman, Hon. Elegbeleye

January, 20 2023.

The IMC Chairman, Hon. Gbenga Elegbeleye who spoke with pressmen yesterday evening, 19th of January 2023 in Abuja, spoke about issues surrounding the NPFL.

Reacting to some baseless allegations of misappropriation, he said, “Such insinuation can only come from a sick mind, a jaundice mind or a paid blackmailer.

“GTI didn't give us a dime. They only gave 200 million Naira to 20 clubs, at 10 million per club, and this money was not given to IMC.

“GTI are economists, they're bankers, they promised to help us raise funds, using their image. A very credible organization, we believe in them, but we said before we go ahead, how can you help our 20 clubs for a start? because they need support. We agreed that 10 million Naira is given to each club, and this money was not given to IMC, it was credited directly to account of the clubs, so we didn’t have access to the money.

“Secondly, on the issue of referee, we said pay the referee directly from your account, and all these live shows on NTA, they're the ones paying for it.

“So for anyone to say GTI gave us 1 Billion Naira, 100 million Naira for Sunday Dare, the Minister of Youth and Sports Development, that shows they are part of the failed system”.

The IMC Chairman concluded by saying, “Referees must own up to their game, having increased their allowances by 50 percent”.

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