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Govt Dangles 42 Million Naira For Each Super Eagles Player in Anticipation of AFCON 2023 Success

January, 9 2024.

In a significant show of support for the Nigerian national football team, the Federal Government has tabled just above 42 million, translating naira to approximately $35,000 per player, should the Super Eagles emerge victorious in the upcoming 2023 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON).

This was ascertained with the earmarking $5,000 win bonus per match for each player of the Super Eagles team participating in the imminent AFCON 2023 tournament, set to commence in Cote d’Ivoire this Saturday.

This forward-thinking initiative underscores the government's unswerving commitment to bolstering and incentivizing the national team's pursuit of excellence on the international football stage.

As Nigeria gears up to compete against formidable opponents in the AFCON 2023, the resounding message from the Federal Government is one of unwavering support and encouragement for the team's endeavors. This move aims to inspire and motivate the Super Eagles players, fostering a heightened sense of determination and dedication as they represent the country in the highly anticipated football spectacle.

The Super Eagles. are back in Nigeria on Tuesday before jetting off to Cote D'Ivoire. The team camped in Abu Dhabi, where they won a friendly game against a third tier side 12-0, before suffering a 2-0 defeat against Syli Nationale of Guinea.

Nigeria takes on Equatorial Guinea on Sunday, before lining up against Ivory coast and Guinea Bissau in Group A.

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