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Friendlies: Flying Eagles wins Almirante Brown Argentina club, in Preparation for U20 World Cup

May, 13 2023.

Flying Eagles played their first test game in Argentina, in five goals thriller. 3-2 it ended in favour of the flying Eagles. A close contest match, against the Argentina Club, named Almirante Brown.

It was Benjamin Fredrick who led the defence line, alongside Abel Ogwuche, while the two backs are Augustine Njoku and Solomon Agbalaka.

The return of Daniel Daga is a cherry news, while he was the captain of the day. He played in the middle of the pack alongside John Joshua and Ibrahim Abdullahi. Salem Fago led the attack line. The Goal scorers are; Salim Fago, Nnadi Tochukwu and Emmanuel Umeh.

The U20 Nigerian team will be playing another friendly against Colombia on Tuesday by 8pm, Nigeria time.

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