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Former Sports Minister Commends Visionary Leadership of Senator John Enoh

October, 31 2023.

Applauds Enoh's dual focus on sports for development and development of sports

Nigeria's former Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Barrister Solomon Dalung, has praised Senator John Owan Enoh for kickstarting his tenure as the Minister of Sports Development with a promising and resolute approach.

Senator John Owan Enoh, who was assigned to the Federal Ministry of Sports Development by His Excellency, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, assumed the helm of one of Nigeria's most pivotal ministries, with a crystal-clear vision and an unwavering commitment to enhancing the nation's sports landscape. Dalung, who once occupied the same prestigious post, lauded Senator Enoh for his dedication and devotion to this vital role.

Dalung enthusiastically commended Senator Enoh for his early initiatives, which clearly reflect his dedication to the development of sports in Nigeria. These initiatives encompass a broad spectrum of efforts that are poised to redefine the nation's sports sector, through utilizing sports as a driver of economic prosperity (sports for development) as well as a thriving sector (development of sports).

Grassroot Development

Senator Enoh has showcased his determination to employ sports as a catalyst for youth empowerment and development. He has articulated comprehensive plans to ensure a system that allows for young talents to find expression and thrive. This approach not only encourages athletic excellence but also contributes to positive social and economic outcomes. He has restated his commitment to ensure the National Youth Games as well as other grassroots initiatives are a fit-for-purpose.

Sports for Development

Upon assumption of office, Senator Enoh stated that sports play a significant role in contributing to a country's GDP, and this is a major focus for his administration. Beyond the sheer entertainment value, the sports industry generates substantial revenue through various channels. This includes ticket sales, broadcasting rights, sponsorships, merchandise, tourism related to sporting events, and infrastructure development. Moreover, sports create employment opportunities in sectors such as event management, marketing, sports science, and facility maintenance. The economic impact of sports on a nation's GDP is not merely about the games played but extends to a thriving industry that stimulates economic growth, fosters innovation, and bolsters a country's overall financial health.

Infrastructure Development

Recognizing the urgent need for better sports infrastructure in Nigeria, Senator Enoh has unveiled an ambitious blueprint for the refurbishment and construction of sports facilities nationwide. By investing in modern, well-equipped venues, Senator Enoh aims to create an environment conducive to rigorous training and high-level competitions. This focus on infrastructure will undoubtedly elevate Nigeria's standing in the global sporting arena. In his first few days in office, the Minister inspected facilities at the Moshood Abiola National Stadium, Abuja and the National Stadium, Surulere to kickstart his drive towards infrastructure development.

Sports Diplomacy

Senator Enoh is driven by the vision of leveraging sports as a potent tool for fostering diplomacy and goodwill on the international stage. He is committed to strengthening Nigeria's sporting ties with other nations, ultimately enhancing the country's reputation and influence in the global sports community. This approach not only promotes international cooperation but also opens doors to opportunities for Nigerian athletes and teams on the world stage. He drove this mission during the World Football Summit in Seville, Spain, engaging in fruitful discussions and establishing ties with relevant nations.

Youth Participation

Senator Enoh's initiatives also focus on encouraging the active involvement of Nigerian youth in sports. By promoting grassroots programs, he aims to instill healthier lifestyles and a sense of national pride among the younger generation. This emphasis on youth participation not only ensures the long-term sustainability of Nigerian sports but also fosters a sense of unity and belonging among the nation's youth.

In his remarks, Dalung concluded by expressing his unwavering support for Senator John Owan Enoh's tenure as Minister of Sports Development and his optimism for the bright future of Nigerian sports under Senator Enoh's leadership.

Senator Enoh's promising start signals a new era of growth and development for sports in Nigeria. With a passionate and experienced leader at the helm, the nation's athletes and sporting community can look forward to a future filled with achievements and success.

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