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June, 28 2023.

Joining millions of cheerful muslims in the country, the Former minister of Youth and Sports Development, Mr Sunday Dare has extended greetings to all Muslim Ummah in commemorating the Eid el Adha celebrations. In a statement released by the media office of the former minister and the Agbaakin of Ogbomosoland, The core of the Sallah period is said to be a significant theme of sacrificial love, which must be replicated at every commemoration of the islamic season, and equally re-ignited in the hearts of all Nigerians.

“I congratulate all Muslims and lovers of Islam on this year’s Sallah celebrations. This is a period of love and kindness at which we must extend the benevolence of Almighty Allah to one another. In the reality of the happenings in the world today, we must understand that a lot more would be achieved if we root our intentions in the love of our fatherland.”

“The Tinubu administration is anchored on the promise of Renewed Hope, a promise we must believe in, and all work towards. In hope for a greater nation, it is important for us all to keep President Bola Ahmed Tinubu in our prayers, we must not neglect the importance of asking Allah to guide and strengthen him to implement the good intentions he has for Nigeria. In believing in the leadership of this country and the promises it has made, our responsibilities as citizens are equally important, to compliment the works of our leaders.”

“We also must be reminded that for a better country, we all must make sacrifices, and in the face of global economic realities, our supplications must be to ask God for more grace and mercy on Nigeria. Prayers for Nigeria cannot be too much, this year’s Eid el Adha presents us with another opportunity to do so, as we have always done.”

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