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FIFA renders worldwide four-year ban on Orji Okonkwo

September, 17 2022.

Former Nigeria junior international Orji Okonkwo has had his four-year ban for doping violation by the Italian National Anti-Doping Tribunal extended worldwide by world football –governing body, FIFA.

In its ruling on the case for worldwide extension of the ban, brought before it by Italian NADO, Chairperson of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee, Jorge Ivan Palacio affirmed that the player had been cited properly, he has had the opportunity to state his case, the decision has been communicated properly, the decision complies with the regulations of FIFA and extending the sanctions does not conflict with public order or with accepted standards of behaviour.

“Consequently, the Committee decided to extend the sanction imposed on the player by the Italian NADO on 20 June 2022. More specifically, the player is sanctioned with a four (4) years suspension from all football-related activities in accordance with the Decision.”

The four-year ban on the player is between 25th February 2022 and 24th February 2026.

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When you forget the ladder that took you up then your return will be disastrous

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