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Fabio Lanipekun dead at 80: Death is just too rude

March, 6 2022.

By Wale Ajayi.

Just few days ago, we celebrated his 80 years of existence and today he is no more. May his soul rest in peace.

He was an accomplished Sports Journalist. A Journalist who made his mark before he left this sinful world.

Death doesn't care about who is taken or who is left behind. Doesn't care about who is crying or who is devastated. Does death even care if the victim is a breadwinner, husband or father?

Death, why don't you have feelings? Have you ever imagined what will happen to the family left behind?

Nothing is more annoying than the rudeness with which you strike. You give no signs and leave no traces. The day before, the family is happy, a day after, they are sad because of your unannounced visit.

What has man done to deserve your cruelty? When will the world sleep without fear in our hearts? Don't you think you have done enough havoc and should just leave us alone to live and love?

Enough of your troubles, too many young men and women have become orphans because of death. Widows and widowers litter the streets because of death.

Show some respect and let us have some peace, we surely have had enough. We want our people alive.

Fabio Lanipekun will surely be missed.

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