Exclusive interview with wwwckdmedia.ng by Coach Emmanuel Amuneke.

August 27 2021

Oluwayemisi Adeyanju: *How can you react to Kingsley's invitation to Super Eagles?*

Coach Amuneke: First of all I am very happy for Kingsley Micheal, this is a player that went through me in the U17 2017 and there's no doubt about his quality and he went on to play in the U20 with coach Paul in Poland, the first time I saw him I knew he has something special and something different, he is a hard working player and technically he is a very good player so I'm happy for him and also the players, even the one that didn't go through me. The purpose of the U17 is to use it to develop players that can actually make it to the senior time and that's the beauty of it.

I can remember during the World Cup in Chile, each time I'm giving a brief and press conference, the question that many people always ask is that how is it possible that in Africa we are dominating in the U17 and most of the players we ar not able to transfer the same performance at the senior level but I'm happy today that a quite few numbers of them have been a able to graduate to the first team which is the Super Eagles and thats the objective of our youth development, we should not underestimate the development of our young players because our dream as a country is to see our young players develop and make it to the super eagles and I'm happy for Kingsley and I hope he will be able to convince the coach that he has something to offer

Oluwayemisi Adeyanju: *Five or six integral part of the players who played for you in the U17 world Cup 2015, six years later they are now in the National team they are consistent what can you say of those players?*

Coach Amuneke: From the time I worked with Manu Gaba Ndoko, Emeka Gbade, we had a clear vision that we want to do something different and the first time we took was having a discussion with the technical department that there is no need of inviting players that are playing in the league for U17 that we should go back to invite players from the academy and players that are young that can come on their own and looking back today since 2012, when we came on board at the youth level up till 2021 today, the players you mentioned have been able to establish themselves in their club and national side. That is the beauty of it and I'm happy for them all. I pray that in their own time they can be able to do something better, to create a new standard for the new generations that are coming behind them. We are aware you cannot play football forever but today they in the spotlight.

Oluwayemisi Adeyanju: *Looking at World Cup, you've been there as a player and as a coach what's your advice about World Cup what does World Cup mean as a player in the World Cup and as a coach?*

Coach Amuneke: World Cup is great for every country to be part of it and it is an event that happens every four years so for the players in question, I think it is a dream for them to be part of the World Cup that is going to take place in Qatar next year and the only way you can be in the World Cup is by qualifying and winning your games and coming up with a strategy that will enable your players to be in a position to compete with the opponents. We should not deny that the level of competitiveness in Africa now is high so there is no more minor team. The important thing is that our players need to be ready with the coaches handling them and come up with a plan where they can out play their opponents and come up with a desired result and getting the point that will place them in a position to qualify for the World Cup.

The format in Africa is now similar to what they play in South America but it is a good thing because it will bring out the best in us. We are in a group of Liberia, Cape Verde and Central Africa but it is up to us to plan very well bearing it in mind that each games are totally different. I was privileged to play Cape verde and they are a more formidable team, they have very good players so I think there is no more push over in football but if we do what is right and what is needful we will bid the ticket to be in the World Cup.

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