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Exclusive Interview With Junior Lokosa, Former Kano Pillars Player

October 20 2021

Lokosa played in Tunisia, Simba Stars of Tanzania and now in Ilorin.

CKDMEDIA: Why your second missionary journey to the NPFL?

LOKOSA: NPFL made me and I'm glad to be back. I got so many offers from African countries too. I just have to give my best once again for the NPFL because it's one of the best league in the world.

CKDMEDIA: Junior Lokosa, a predatory instinct in front of goal, the highest goal scorer in the Nigerian football league. Scoring goals red, blue, black, can you still do it again?

LOKOSA: Like I said, I want my position. So I will keep positioning myself and may God crown my efforts.

CKDMEDIA: What should the fans expect from your second missionary journey.

LOKOSA: They should expect a lot from me because I'm back again into the NPFL. I will make them happy by giving them goals to cheer them up.

CKDMEDIA: Kwara United your new home, how do you feel?

LOKOSA: It’s good to be back in the NPFL, good to be back in one of the big clubs in the NPFL.

A talisman, goalpoacher, slimmy sleaky. Junior Lokosa is the name of the man in question. Oluwayemisi Adeyanju reporting from Ilorin.

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