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Etu Francis Gerrald With A Three-Year Contract To HJK Klubi 04

January, 10 2023.

Etu Francis Gerrald, who will join Nigeria's U20 national team is a forward with running power.

18-year-old attacking player Etu Francis and HJK have signed a three-year contract. Francis basically plays for HJK Klubi 04.

Last spring, HJK visited Nigeria for a scouting tournament, in which Aseami Football Academy the club represented by Francis, participated.

He caught the attention of Hans Lahti, who represented HJK in the tournament, and the powerful runner's visit during the test period at the end of the summer in Helsinki also convinced HJK Klubi 04 coaches.

Early January hopefully, Francis will join the Nigerian U20 national team, which is preparing for the African Youth Championship to be played in February-March.

'It feels great and exciting to be invited. This is a dream come true', Gerrald feels.

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