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Eight Months Salaries Indebtedness to Heartland can Affect The Team

December, 11 2021.

The incessant indebtedness of Heartland is a thing of worry.

A traditional club who has played in CAF Champions League finals before against TP Mozambe, one might be thinking this is the club that will be the pride of fans in the Eastern part of the country.

Unfortunately, reverse is the case as embezzlement and misappropriation of funds becomes the watchword of the team management for more than three seasons.

One of the greatest undoing of the club was instability of tenureship of the club's administration.

This is unacceptable for players to be indebted to, at this 21st century of modern football.

Am calling on the LMC to stop Heartland from playing their first league match, until they pay the players backlogs of salaries.

Ex Heartland player who does not want his name to be mentioned, insists that LMC should take drastic action to help the players, since they are the gladiators of the game.

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